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Our mission

The 4x4 Eco Challenge is
moving into a new phase of
support for the enviroment
with an outreach into 4
neighbouring countries in
association with Game
Rangers Association of Africa

and Southern Africa Wildlife

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4x4 Conservation Outreach

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4x4 Eco Challenge Archive

History - Overview
2001 4x4 Eco Challenge
2002 4x4 Eco Challenge
2003 4x4 Eco Challenge
2004 4x4 Eco Challenge
2005 4x4 Eco Challenge
2006 4x4 Eco Challenge
2007 4x4 Eco Challenge


Research Report

African Wild Cat
Bronze Whaler
Marine Research
Bovine Tuberculosis
Reptiles Project


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Humanitarian Support

Andrew Kruiper
Fumani Primary School


The 4x4 Eco Challenge uses Garmin GPS's. To buy a new or second hand Garmin GPS, please visit www.gps-sales.co.za

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